Linda Sadler Textiles

"I knit a fabric, felt it in the washing machine, cut it up, stitch it back together..."

I design and make textiles using a knitting machine, but each piece is unique as I deconstruct the knitting and then re-assemble the pieces in different formations and in different sizes. I make small items, such as scarves, collars and brooches, but I also make larger pieces such as wall hangings, table runners and rugs.

It is not a quick process, but I enjoy the challenge of deconstructing and reconstructing to make something extraordinary.

My inspiration comes from looking at the small details in the natural world around me.

Most of the work I make involves using wool yarn and wool tops to create a fabric on my knitting machine, which I then felt in the washing machine, cut up, and reassemble using hand stitching. The resulting fabric can be made in different thicknesses and densities and has proved to be suitable for a variety of contexts. As wool absorbs sound, the bigger pieces that I make are suitable for use as decorative acoustic panels.